How To Setup WordPress SMTP For Sending Emails to Inbox rather than the Spam Folder

Setup WordPress SMTP

Maybe you have an e-commerce site, and you want to send an email receipt out, or someone leaves a comment on your website and you want to send a notification to them, or just any kind of email that goes out from your website. 

This is exactly what happens when your website tries to send an email out to some other email server.

Your website produces an email and your email service takes over to send it out. A negotiation takes place between your email server and the remote email server. 

The negotiation takes place like that. Your email server goes, “hi, I’d like to send a message to someone on your service”.

The recipient’s email server goes, “Who the hell are you?”

That’s why none of your emails makes it to the people you’re trying to send them to, from your website.

So, I’m going to show you how to fix it in this video. Honestly, it’s quite easy. 

Actually, this tip I am going to show you right now is among the first 2-3 things I do with all my WordPress websites. 

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below. I will try to answer them as best as I can.

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    Setup WordPress SMTP

    Setup WordPress SMTP with FluentSMTP

    We are going to install the free FluentSMTP plugin.

    So, I’m going to go to plugins and add a new one that is free and has all the options we need. We’re just going to do a search for FluentSMTP.

    I happen to use this on my websites, so let’s go ahead and download and activate it.


    FluentSMTP Settings

    After it’s been activated, we should go to its settings. We can find the settings under the plugin itself or inside WordPress settings under the FluentSMPT label.

    In the Settings section, we are supposed to configure the email service our website is going to use for sending out emails.

    There are a number of services compatible with the plugin and available to use. Services like Amazon Email Service, Mail Gun, Send Grid, Sendinblue, even Gmail and Microsoft are among the popular options. 

    Configuring the Other SMTP service

    In this example, I am going to show you how to configure the “Other SMTP” service, which most people use.

    Get the Email Settings from your Email Provider

    So let’s start with “Other SMTP”. To configure this service, we are going to use the email settings from your email provider. In my case, I use SiteGround, so let’s go to their website to grab the information we want.

    If you want to use SiteGround, you may click on any SiteGround banner here on the WPGoPro website.

    However, even if you don’t use SiteGround, your own email provider should similarly show the email settings.

    So, I am going to use the settings of the website. Thus, I go to the WPGoPro site tools and from there to Email Accounts.

    You may find the email server settings in this section. Even better, go to the settings of the specific email we will use to send out the emails from the webserver.

    So click on the three dots next to the info email address and then select Mail Configuration.

    Go to Manual Configuration and here, you get the settings for the specific email address.

    Completing FluentSMTP configuration

    So let’s go back to continue with the plugin’s configuration. We copy the information from SiteGround and we paste it here in the plugin.

    ‘From email’, is the email address we send from. ‘From name is the name the recipient sees as the sender of the email.

    ‘Force from email’ should be checked so all emails produced by the webserver go out from this email. The same applies to the ‘From name’.

    ‘SMTP host’ is the name of the mail server. We get the port number from SiteGround as well.

    In this case, SiteGround doesn’t use encryption, so we don’t touch the encryption settings. Leave Auto TLS and Authentication as they are.

    ‘SMTP username’ is the email address and ‘SMTP Password’ is the email password.

    When finished, click on ‘Save Connection Settings’.

    That’s all we had to do. 

    We have finally configured the plugin and, through that, the webserver to use the ‘Other SMTP’ email service for all emails sent out by this website.

    FluentSMTP configuration with Amazon SES

    Let’s try now to configure the plugin so it uses the ‘Amazon Mail Services’ instead. Amazon SES is a more reliable email service and probably the best you can find on the market. It’s also the cheapest with regards to cost per email sent and I strongly recommend it.

    Before you do that, you must already have created an account with Amazon SES and have authenticated the domain and the email address you are going to use.

    This is something I have already done for the WPGoPro domain, so I have the settings available. If you don’t know how to do it, please leave a comment in the description below and I will make a video for that as well.

    So, let’s click on ‘Add another connection’. 

    Select Amazon SES. 

    Again, ‘From Email’ is the email address and ‘From Name’ is the sender’s name. Now you must copy and paste the ‘Access Key’ and the ‘Secret Key’ provided by Amazon SES. Next, you select the server’s location, which is close to your location. In my case, I selected Sydney.

    Click on Save, and we are done.

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    Summary and Wrap Up 

    Do you not have difficulties sending emails with WordPress? Or try to set the e-mail address from which your e-mails are sent. Setup WordPress SMTP with FluentSMTP the free plugin. All email delivery issues will be solved with this plugin. Fluent SMTP is the best WP Mail Plugin to natively connect to and send your email to the email provider.

    Setup WordPress SMTP with FluentSMTP the free plugin which natively connects to and sends your email to the email provider. All email delivery issues are solved.

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