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Setup WordPress SMTP

How To Setup WordPress SMTP For Sending Emails to Inbox rather than the Spam Folder

Maybe you have an e-commerce site, and you want to send an email receipt out, or someone leaves a comment on your website and you want to send a notification …

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Duplicate Page or Post in WordPress

Duplicate page or post in WordPress

You may need to duplicate page or posts from your website for a variety of reasons. Making a clone of a post or page enables you to work on it …

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WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments Plugin

WooCommerce has just released the new version of its own native payment system known as WooCommerce Payments. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents …

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Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades For WordPress

The plugin Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades address the following issue. WordPress has a built-in feature to install themes and plugins by supplying a zip file. Unfortunately, you can not …

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Button Back to the Top of the Page

Button Back to the Top of the Page using Elementor Pro

In some cases, your page is so long that you need a button to click in order to easily scroll up to the top of the page.   Table of Contents …

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Subsite is not showing

How to fix when your subsite is not showing in the My Sites menu

In a multisite WordPress installation, some of you may notice that the just created subsite does not show up when you expand the My Sites menu. It is very easy …

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